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How to book a commmission

It would be my honour to create a unique piece of art for you or for you to gift to someone else.


Some examples of custom projects include:

  • Pet portraits

  • Family portraits

  • New home

Commission places are limited, as they require my undivided attention and correspondence with you. The turnaround is usually 1-2 months depending on the complexity.

How does it work?
  • Contact me via the contact form or send me an email at and let me know what you would like to commission. I also ask for reference photo(s) so we both have a good idea and vision of the painting.

  • We then determine the size and other specs of the painting 

  • The commission starts when a deposit of 50% has been paid.

  • I will then create a sketch for you to have the opportunity to make comments and or changes.

  • You will have the opportunity to see a photograph of the final painting before I ship it

  • The finished piece will be shipped to you as soon as the remaining balance is paid. 

Example Prices 

  • 40x50cm - starting from €480

  • 50x70cm - starting from €580

Pricing depends on size and materials. Please request a quote from me :) 

Good to know

  • Your commission can be completed usually within a month, but it depends on the size and my schedule.

  • The stated prices are rough estimates and are starting prices. Excluding shipping. 

  • I don’t accept commissions with very tight deadlines. Beautiful things take time and stressed artists don’t paint good paintings.

  • Because these pieces take more time and consideration in meeting your specifications, commissions are always more expensive than similar sized personal work that you may have seen listed in my shop.

A selection of recent commissions

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